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Basics of House Interior Decorating

Proportion is a decoration guideline that is very easy to follow. You can feel when the proportions are not close to true. Large furniture in a small room does not feel right. Likewise, small furniture in a large room also doesn’t feel comfortable, and it can’t always be followed for financial reasons but it’s something to remember.

Basic interior decoration does not have many rules to follow. There are several guidelines to direct you in the right direction. After that can let your imagination take over to be creative and decorate according to personal style. There are not many ways that can design a room that cannot be made to work with thinking and planning.

Balance is another guideline that has a basic sense of it. Balancing bright areas and dark areas helps the room feel more comfortable than having all the light in one area. Another part of balance is spreading furniture. A room that has a lot of furniture on one wall does not feel balanced.

Color, fabric, and contrast material can really turn on the room. Having walls and furniture of the same color can work but will require effort in other design fields.

After entering some contrast in the room, we need to see harmony. Harmony is achieved by having a good color scheme and similar style. Using different colors or styles for each part of the room will not give harmony. Elements in interior design also occur, almost by default when they have the right contrast and harmony in a room. A good rhythm will make your eyes dance around the room without stopping too long in one thing or area. At the same time you won’t miss anything and nothing is drowned out by the overall design.