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Living Room Decoration with Modern Furniture

Without the presence of furniture, space will only appear empty, calm, and certainly not aesthetic. Moreover, the existence of furniture is considered very important, considering every object clearly has a different function. Even though they have the same predicate as ‘table’, dressers and coffee tables have completely different functions. The same applies to homes. No problem, good furniture-bad, or cheap-expensive owned, everything is clearly useful. Both as a decorative or functional element. At least you should know the advantages of a minimalist design that is better than antique designs if you make a room with a minimalist concept. The elements of your room must be perfect where you have a sofa, coffee table, two chairs, a pair of movable chairs, a bench, two long tables and two corner tables. When decorating a display, you must choose not to use furniture that creates a visual block. Low benches or sofas are a good choice for sitting which can peek outside the house.

The console table behind the sofa is one of the ideas that you can apply. The Console Table should be slightly lower than the back of the sofa, to keep the line of sight clean. Mirror frame is great for adding lighting. also a pair of sofa back lights can really illuminate the room.

Considering the minimum sizes available for room layout and decoration must be done properly. Especially for the selection of furniture, do not make the room look narrow. Adjust the size of furniture with your home space and also play the right colors so that it will make the minimalist living room look more luxurious and modern. The concept of choosing decorations and furniture in this case must be prioritized by choosing a number of equipment such as the appropriate tables and chairs. Can use a minimalist sofa or just a wooden chair with a classic modern design that will make the living room look more elegant. Also add some important ornaments for wall decorations that balance the harmony of your living room furniture.