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Design and Decorate Small Minimalist Living Rooms

The choice of furniture is very important to give a deep impression of the concept of the narrow-sized living room of your home. Like a sofa, the sofa is the most preferred choice. Corner sofa or minimalist sofa plus a glass table is very suitable to be placed in a small living room. Choose a sofa with colors that match the color of the living room paint or the theme you want to present in the living room.

In addition, the right furniture will give a luxurious impression to your living room, such as decorating the living room with appropriate accessories, suitable accessories can add luxury to your living room such as paintings or ceramic jars or other accessories. The choice of paint also needs to be considered so that your living room is pleasant.

This glass table is very suitable juxtaposed with a sofa or other furniture, a glass table gives the impression of a modern minimalist living room. You can put a minimalist glass table, where the glass table has a bottom for placing books or magazines. This minimalist glass guest table is more appropriate for the design of a narrow living room than using an ordinary wooden table that will give the impression of tightness.

Adding a carpet can give the impression of the elegance of your simple living room. This carpet can also function as a focal point for your living room. You can choose the carpet to your liking but it must match the color of the wall or floor of your living room.

Floors for small living rooms should have bright and bright colors. Bright colors like white or cream will provide a wider visual effect in a small living room so the room feels more spacious.