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Make the Small Room a Beautiful Looking House

Making a small room can look spacious and comfortable. Use wood framed furniture, from pine or maple with loose, simple, plain and comfortable pillows. Use clean lines, and provide a comfortable room with wall hangings and curtains that display motifs. Stay away from frills, and use carpets, unless you have a carpet. The key is the use of wood, not soft pieces.

The most important thing to remember is that the room is small, and keeps the furniture on par with the room. In other words, there are no big items, no one fills the room.

Look at the furniture catalog such as producing reproduction colonial furniture, from deacon chairs to tables, to accents. Bring the cottage theme smoothly, as I say, with signs, other wall hangings, wild life images (keep the size small), and use cloth on upholstery and curtains that have small, outdoor or simple prints.

There is no one item, except having an antique table or something like that, must really master or control the visual impact of the room. Look for ideas in magazines, because a lot of what is used in that setting is what can, and can easily move to the type of setting you want to achieve.