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Modern and Minimalist Dining Room Furniture

Some words are so intertwined with each other that you can never think of them as separate, for example when we think of a dining room or dining room that automatically appears in our minds is a ‘dining table’ as this product or this type of furniture is closely related to space eat so that all the other things that are well placed in the same room then enter our list. But certain products or goods are important to us not to help in the selection, but there is a large list of features and specifications that help us choose the same.

If you want to have a dining chair made of wood, try to choose pure hardwood materials (hardwood) such as mahogany, Sonokeling, acacia, Sengon, Pinus, Camphor, and other types. adjust to Bugdet of course.

It is important to know whether the model and type of dining chair fits the area of ​​your room, especially if the existing dining room is small in size, trying to measure the seat width 40-45 cm per seat per person, adjust also to the path and placement, not to make people’s accessibility , if the dining room is joined to another room for example.

Choosing a dining room chair is of course adjusted to the shape of the table, so that there are a number of tips in choosing the shape of a dining table that fits a particular room model. For example, for a small room, try to choose an oval table. empty and not much makes the room look too “over” crowded, while the rectangular model is better placed in spacious rooms. The round table actually has flexibility, but it’s good to have a round table model placed in a spacious room, but all return to the needs.

Most dining tables have a standard height between 71 – 76 cm. The most comfortable table height can provide enough space between above the knee and parallel to your elbow when you sit. While the width is for a rectangle, which has a width x 80 cm and above, it can accommodate up to 4-6 people. The 200 cm oval table can accommodate up to 12 people.