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Redecorate Your Bedroom Easily

When your bedroom has started to feel boring and even messy, perhaps this is the right time to rearrange your room’s decor. It takes time indeed, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. Believe me, the changes made can refresh the room, make the room feel new and bring a positive spirit for you.

Make sure only the items that you really need are what you keep. The rest you can collect for sale at a garage sale, donated or discarded if it is very improper. You will be surprised how the atmosphere of the room is so different without items that are not needed. In addition to looking more spacious and neat, your room can function better in providing a comfortable room to rest.

Start from the bed as the center point of the bedroom. Change bedding sets: bed sheets, bed covers, pillowcases and bolsters. Mix and match pastel or white colors with a combination of blue and gray with unique patterns. Try to find a minimalist bedroom design that suits your personality. In addition, you can also change the position of your bed in a different direction. Then let other furniture like a wardrobe or desk follow the position of your bed.

Changing the appearance of the wall can be done easily without the need to repaint all the walls of the room. By buying a wallpaper or wall sticker, you have given a different touch to your bedroom decor. Of course if you start to find wall paint that starts to peel off, you can stick the wallpaper or wall sticker in the required area. Take advantage of the empty wall area with functional room decorations such as bookcases, hanging mirrors, or photo frames.

Add or replace lighting elements in the room. Hanging lights or chandeliers suitable to add a dramatic impression. But if you want your minimalist bedroom to still look simple but beautiful, use a modern minimalist table lamp. Choose a dim yellow light that will make the atmosphere of a minimalist bedroom warmer.