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Turn on Your Dining Room!

Lighting for your dining room is important not only when you are entertaining, but even on a day to day basis. So if you are decorating your dining room, you should pay as much attention to lighting as the dining furniture itself.

While individual dining furniture pieces such as dining room chairs, dining tables, and other items such as hutches or sideboards create the look of the entire dining area, it is the lighting that truly creates the atmosphere, mood and feel of the place. There are a number of things you need to consider when lighting your dining room, such as the placement of lights, the use of spotlights or spotlights, dimmers; all of these aspects can make a difference in the final appearance.

Chandeliers or Pendant Lights: A well selected chandelier suspended from the ceiling over the center of the dining room table can lend grace and sophistication to your dining room. Care should be taken to see that the size of the chandelier does not dwarf the size of the room or the dining furniture and vice versa as well. It should also be suspended in a way that it is the ideal distance from the ceiling and also from the surface of the dining room table so that the lighting is optimally focused. Whereas with a  chandelier you would necessarily use just one piece in a room, with pendant lighting you can use one or more matched pieces or pieces of a set which may be of graded sizes or color coordinated.

Dimmers: Dimmers can be used to great effect in conjunction with your dining furniture to create the perfect ambience. Dimmers can be set to bright for every day family dinners or get-togethers or for when the kids homework is to be supervised. In the alternative when there is formal entertaining on the menu or you need to create an intimate mood for a romantic rendezvousComputer Technology Articles, the lights can be subtly lowered to create a softer and more flattering feel.